Happy Wife, Happy Life Cuck Part 4-Bending Me Over HD

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Crzyaboutass: I did not know I would find the outstanding Sophia Smith on xVideos! ... But I'm happy that I did! She is just so amazing as a content creator. Gorgeous, articulate and imaginative! ... and that sexy accent! SWOON!

Sophia Smith UK: Thankyou for your lovely comments x

Sophia Smith UK: i make softcore content, dont be so deluded

Cucked And Loving It: Your cuckold videos are amazing, but I only see 2 , your a beautiful woman

Sophia Smith UK: Depends what site you look on, when uploading we have to give 2 titles so they are varied between the two (not out of choice!). There is also 'your hot wife keeps you cucked whilst she fucks', 'your hot wife is dating a really hot man', 'your hot wife wants to fuck her colleague', all in my 'happy wife happy life' series. Enjoy!

Jdn31: That two title thing drives me nuts when uploading!

Pete1971: A little honesty if I may, the arrogance invoked a wide range of emotion. My first thought was f$_k her, I'd toss her out. Then I thought, in the beginning she said that she was around the corner and later decided she was too far to rush home. I was boiling. But when I started to read the comments, I couldn't get a pen quick enough to jot down the videos and then started questioning why. It's kinda exciting. And I've played in similar situations with past girlfriends. You did an awesome job.Tnx

Sophia Smith UK: Thankyou for a well though out reply :smile:

Found Piece: Thanks point takin

Bigboa331: Try me! and you'll regret that you didn't fuck me earlier...

Sophia Smith UK: This is a roleplay cuck video. Not sure you understood the brief?

Jer Tim97: Would you mind doing an interracial one of this please?

Sophia Smith UK: I only shoot customs so you would have to order it and pay for it :smile:

Daddy19916: I am in Albuquerque let's have some fun together hit me up don't be shy

Sophia Smith UK: Can assure you that given im alllllllllllllllllll over the internet I am not shy, buddy

Pete1971: Now that was a nice comeback! XO

Lovelymsbriggs: Hurt me

Owen07: Keep it up

Parallax14: Absolutely stunning lady. :heart_eyes:

Assasin090078601: you are so beautiful and sexy....your voice is so sweet and it made me so horny

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