Ashly Anderson in step Dad Takes Advantage of Passive StepDaughter HD

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Gnarnick: Bunch of pussies on here, it’s fucking porn. It’s been weird since forever.

Real criticism: this bitch’s hot, but acts like a plank of wood

Bare Back Studios: It's porn...What do you expect?!!?!?

Kinktakka: Alpha Chad Gnarnick

Prathamsaxena: what is his name
he is so sexy

Liaflex: Says right in the title that's shes "passive." Why would you expect her to be a cock hungry porn-star? The other billion videos on here are full of that. That defeats the whole purpose of roleplaying if she gets into it.

Safekeeper8: He kiss and suck her nippels... where did you see cum dumpster ?

Viper7611: I think you're wrong to criticize her for her acting, cause she made it too real that so many people got offended.

Viper7611: I mean, I really feel bad for her

Viper7611: Im gonna dislike this video.

Saxarba: BBS = arogant idiots!!!

Kamdogg101: She's PASSIVE what do u think that means

Pervy-Girl: I Love Role playing! It's fun, exciting and sexy! This video is Hot because I know that's what this is. If you don't like it, don't watch. Move on to something else that you like because there's much more for you to choose from. :smile:

Imoniero: How about u

Bare Back Studios: I agree with Pervy Girl!

Liaflex: Well said, if she get's into it that defeats the whole purpose of roleplaying.

Bare Back Studios: 271 Million views! I see what you guys like now!

Yeetedtoenail: I just turned 18, I can finally watch porn

Mmm8909: This little dick dude always playing a daddy rapist.

Joebellys: Don't try this at home kids

Xxrexxxzxx: Yo this is a little too realistic imma dislike

Red Velvet Roses: You guys are a bunch of pussys.
Jesus christ. It's fucking porn. Smh

Wkdonley: I suppose you all thought Star Wars is real too

Proud2Bmee: The title literally says what this is about. So y’all clicked on it. Watched it and got offended. Something is not right about that.

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